All our cuban cigars are imported by the certified distributor called CubaCigar and therefore 100% legitimate. In general, individual cigars can be checked on authenticity by, for instance, the tripple cap and the cigar band features of the cuban brands. Regarding the boxes, please check the website for boxcodes: click here

The HABANOS SPECIALIST project is developed by Habanos, S.A. and implemented by Exclusive Distributors, in our case CubaCigars Benelux. Specifically, we offer a wide range of Habanos sizes and an excellent service of sale assistance by promoting the culture of the Habano as well as the prestige of cuban brands and products under perfect conditions. (More info)

In addition to the quality contol measures taken care of by our distributor CubaCigar, we personally open all boxes (except some special editions) upon receipt and randomly check single cigars for any type of defects. Once verified, we store all our cigars at a constant relative humidity of 65% at about 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

As regulated by the Dutch government, only 1 picture of the complete closed box with all warnings fully visible, is allowed. Want more detailled information about the product? Please contact us.

In the Netherlands, there is no such thing as discount on tobacco products since we have fixed prices. Moreover, Tax-Free is unavailable for online sales on this webshop.


Using the wishlist is an easy way to sort your favorite cubans. Just click the heart icon of any cigar you like and it’s added to your wishlist. It will be stored in there until you delete it yourself. This way, you can monitor the stock of your favorite cubans and it’s easier to re-order your favorite cigars in the near future.

At the shop homepage, all cuban cigars are listed. You can sort them by category (regular or habanos specialist) or by brand (e.g. Cohiba) in the shop menu. Click on the cart button to quickly add 1 box to your cart. Click on the picture or title to go to the single product page. If you can’t increase the quantity, we have only one single box left in stock. It may also happen that nothing can be added to your cart. Then we are sold out on that particular product. We may have single cigars left in our store. Feel free to contact us.

Briefly, you don’t. However, to keep track of your previous orders or for future convenience, you might find it useful. Also, your wishlist is linked to your account. As a result, your wishlist is available on other devices when logged in and won’t be lost once browser history is cleared.

By default, your cigars will be shipped to the same adress as your billing adress. However, you can check the different billing adress box to change this adress, as long as it’s a dutch adress.

Solely the Dutch payment method iDeal is integrated in our checkout system. Unfortunately, creditcard companies prohibit tobacco sales. Please contact us to discuss other options if necessary.


We only use package shipments to Dutch addresses at flat rates. International consumers can contact us for more information. Local pickup is possible during opening hours.

Usually, when stock indications are correct and there are no delays at the carrier, shipping to a dutch adress should take 1-2 business days.

To safely ship cigars, we use all kinds of packaging materials to fill up your cigar boxes. As an additional service, we add humidity packs to your cigars.

Only damaged packages can be returned. Please contact us within 48 hours upon receipt and add pictures of the damaged package as well as your order number.

If a shipment is delayed, no worries for your cigar conditions, because we have added humidity packs to keep them in good shape. However, you should contact us to find out what’s the problem at the carrier. The same goes for a lost shipment.