While this webshop is born in late 2019 to celebrate and support the Habanos Specialist status reached early 2020, our store ‘Sigarenmagazijn Eygelshoven’ was already founded by Wil Winkelman back in 1982. Eygelshoven is a small town located in the most southern part of The Netherlands, close to the German and Belgium borders. Hence, tobacco products and coffee were sold in mass volume due to favorable currency and tax differences between those countries.

More recently, these differences have been diminished by the European Union and Tom Winkelman’s love for cigars initiated a new era for the shop. In 2012 the first handmade cigars were sold in the shop and the sales started growing exponentially. Late 2014 a walk-in humidor was built and late 2016 the first cigar lounge in the southern Province of The Netherlands was realized in our store. Besides founding this webshop, 2019 was also the year a second humidor was added to the store, exclusively for cubans and top-notch non-cuban cigars. Lastly, a business trip to Cuba early 2020 was required to complete the status of Habanos Specialist. We have earned a perfect score on the exam.

Our Habanos Specialists

Tom Winkelman
Founder Webshop & Owner Shop
Wil Winkelman
Founder/Owner Shop
Danique Ernst
Sales Representative
Karin Winkelman
Sales Representative